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Anna Lundh: Q&Q 2022

Anna Lundh: Q&Q 2022

Q&Q 2022, 2012
Anna Lundh: Q&Q 2022
December 12 2012
Q&Q 2022, commissioned by the New Museum as part of its First Look online exhibition series, is a participatory website by Anna Lundh that collected and shared questions from the public about what the future will be like in 2022.

The first Q in the title Q&Q 2022 references Telex: Q&A, a project organized in 1971 by New York based Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) as part of at the show ‘Utopia & Visions: 1871-1981’ at Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Telex: Q&A anticipated the networked structure of the internet by envisioning a “world-wide telex information service.” It involved the installation of telex machines in four cities; Stockholm, Tokyo, Ahmedabad and New York, and the participation of the public who were invited to send questions about 1981 – ten years into the future – to the other sites. The second Q in the title stands for the new questions that are being asked about the future, 10 years from 2012.

Q&Q 2022 was initiated in March 2012 and ran for the course of one year. It has been installed in various formats, from a performative installation at Exit Art in New York, to workshops and other public events. This online version was conceived by Anna Lundh and programmed by Jonas Lund especially for the New Museum’s First Look program.1

Established in 2012 and co-organized by the New Museum and Rhizome, First Look is a digital art commissioning and exhibition program representing the breadth of art online—from interactive documentary, to custom-built participatory applications, to moving image-based works, and art for mobile VR. Encompassing a substantial array of work that continues to expand, First Look explores the formal, social, and aesthetic possibilities of emerging technologies on the web.

In 2018, the site was archived by the New Museum Archives using Rhizome’s Webrecorder tool. The archived copy may be viewed via, here:
December 12 2012

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