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Wu Tsang

Wu Tsang

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Wu Tsang

Roles in Archive: Artist, Author, Object Panelist, Panelist, Speaker

Wu Tsang is a performer and filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles. His projects have been presented at X-Initiative (New York), Sala de Art Publico Siqueiros (Mexico City), Oberhausen (Germany), REDCAT (Los Angeles), and the 2010 California Biennial. Tsang was a 2010 Independent Filmmaker Project Documentary Fellow for his first feature WILDNESS (currently in post-production).

About Wu Tsang in Residence at the New Museum:
We Remember Stories, Not Facts is a series of contextualizing and investigative programs conceived in collaboration with Wu Tsang as part of his residency at the New Museum this June. Each program is designed to illuminate and expand upon various aspects of Tsang’s new film and performance project Full Body Quotation (FBQ). FBQ samples audio clips and quotations from the unknown (and known) cannon of transgender cinema—channeling them into live performance. In the tradition of drag realness, Tsang maintains a studied and irreverent relationship to the social “realities” that produced the original films. By appropriating, re-embodying, and remixing these voices, FBQ explores self-representation and context as a performance in and of itself. Conceived as a follow-up to the performance PIG (Politically Involved Girls), which was presented last year at X-Initative in collaboration with Zackary Drucker and Marriana Marroquin, this is Tsang’s directorial debut. The New Museum presents FBQ as a live performance in November as part of Performa 2011, with subsequent exhibitions of a resulting short film in 2012.