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New Museum Block Party 2011

Public Programs

New Museum Block Party 2011

July 23 2011

Join us for a day of educator- and artist-led projects and performances in Sara D. Roosevelt Park! Afterward head over to the Museum to participate in free interactive gallery tours of our current exhibition, “Ostalgia,” and discover the reality and myth of Eastern Europe.

Performances from 1-5 pm

1:15pm Lumberob is a kinetically explosive beatboxer who makes tongue-twisted arcade music for the mind and body.

2:00pm Multi-instrumentalist and folk-operatic crooner Geo Wyeth woos listeners with swoon-inducing melodies and old-fashioned storytelling, combining colloquial familiarity with queer and transgendered subjectivities.

2:45pm BowWow, presented by the Bowery Poetry Club, features fresh young poets from a monthly poetry series that showcases talent from New York City and abroad.

4:00pm Isle of Klezbos plays imaginative versions of eclectic Eastern European-rooted Jewish folk music, Yiddish swing and tango, plus an ever-expanding repertoire of vibrant originals.

Activities from 12-5 p.m.
Everyday Creations
Inspired by the artworks of Vladimir Arkhipov, discover new ways to interact with things you see every day. Repurpose an ice-cream scoop, doorknob, or even old hair curlers into a bird feeder, a microphone, or other resourceful creations.

My Monuments
Do you have a favorite place? A building that is important to you? Informed by the art of Andro Wekua, draw, construct, and re-create your most memorable places—from the house you grew up in to your favorite Coney Island ice-cream shack.

The Bowery Artist Tribute Scavenger Hunt
Search out signs of the rich artistic history of the Lower East Side with the Bowery Artist Tribute as you scour the neighborhood looking for clues. After the hunt, stop by and pick up your special prize.

Let Us Make Cake
Assemble your own pop-up New Museum, created by Nuit Blanche New York and inspired by the recent installation of “Flash:Light” at the New Museum’s Festival of Ideas.

TimeScapes: Reconstructing the LES through Collage
Explore the history of the Lower East Side through collage with the Abrons Arts Center of Henry Street Settlement and reconstruct the changing landscape through historical images and collage.

Our History is Our Future
Explore the history and significance of the Bowery with the Bowery Alliance of Neighbors and learn about preserving and protecting our neighborhoods by designing and building your own model tenement building, complete with a green roof and faux solar panels.

Let’s Grow Healthy Together
Plant seeds with the Chinatown YMCA—but not until you decorate your biodegradable pot with a drawings and pictures of your favorite healthy activities! Then take your seedling home and put it in the dirt and watch it grow into a healthy plant.