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Naked Eye Cinema Night

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Naked Eye Cinema Night

August 29 2013

Members of the Naked Eye Cinema group will present a selection of their films from the MWF Video Club collection, including Corrective Measures (Peter Cramer, 1986), Nocturnes (Peter Cramer & Leslie Lowe, 1987), Brains by Revlon (Jack Waters, 1986), and Hystery (Bradley Eros & Aline Mare, 1985).

Peter Cramer and Jack Waters are former codirectors of ABC No Rio, cofounders of Le Petit Versailles garden, cofounders of the performance collective POOL, and cofounders of Allied Productions, Inc. Bradley Eros works in film, video, collage, photography, performance, sound, text, cinema, and installation. A longtime associate of the New York Filmmakers’ Cooperative and Anthology Film Archives, he cofounded and codirected the Roberta Beck Memorial Cinema. Leslie Lowe is a visual artist who has had exhibitions of her work at ABC No Rio and in the Louis Armstrong Festival, and is a cofounder of Naked Eye Cinema. Adrian Saich is a featured performer in works from the Naked Eye Cinema. She was a frequent collaborator with POOL.

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