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Interdisciplinary Dialogues: Synergy Between Creative Forces

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Public Programs

Interdisciplinary Dialogues: Synergy Between Creative Forces

October 31 2013 at 19:00

For this panel, Gensler has invited five creative professionals from diverse fields—including design, engineering, sound, and art handling—to discuss their processes and how they can, and do, collaborate together to realize unusually ambitious projects in a constantly shifting contemporary art context. The backbone of the discussion is the diversity of routes that different disciplines take to problem-solve, and how each field can inform the other to generate both strong and meaningful projects.

Gensler is a global design firm, with forty-four offices and 3,800 employees worldwide. Over the past few years, Gensler’s New York office has worked closely with the New Museum to install aspects of major exhibitions that reached well beyond standard installation practices. This included the installation of a three-story interactive tubular slide as part of “Carsten Höller: Experience” and, more recently, the installation of two major sculptural works on the façade of the Museum as part of “Chris Burden: Extreme Measures.”