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The People to Come: Live Archiving Installation – Open Studio

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Public Programs

The People to Come: Live Archiving Installation – Open Studio

December 11 – 15 2013

Presented in conjunction with “Performance Archiving Performance,” a multi-platform presentation of works that engage archive as medium, on view in the Fifth Floor Resource Center until January 12, 2014.

As part of a live installation and open studio in the New Museum Theater from December 11–15, the Brooklyn-based group a canary torsi (led by Yanira Castro) completes the archive of their project “The People to Come.” During this five-day period, videos of fifty dances, over one hundred audience submissions, and over fifty musical scores will be edited, catalogued, and uploaded onto the project’s website by the company’s archivists. This gesture—echoing the form of the original performances as an immersive real time event—completes the archive and the project itself. Once completed, will serve as the final portrait of this project, one that can continue to be activated through digital installations or perhaps serve as inspiration for future endeavors.

Multimedia works

Performance art