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Screening: Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists

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Screening: Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists

October 11 2015 at 15:00

Join us for a one-day-only screening of Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists in conjunction with “Barbara Rossi: Poor Traits.” The film will be introduced by Natalie Bell, Assistant Curator, the New Museum, and followed by a question-and-answer session with the film’s director, Leslie Buchbinder.

Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists chronicles the lives and careers of an eclectic group of artists that emerged in late-1960s Chicago and whose popularity was catalyzed by a series of group shows at the Hyde Park Art Center (“Hairy Who,” “Nonplussed Some,” “False Image,” “Marriage Chicago Style,” and “Chicago Antigua”) whose titles often doubled as monikers for the group. Like Pop artists internationally, many Imagists borrowed heavily from vernacular culture, but while Pop was polished, distant, and cool, Imagist works embraced eccentric and distorted figuration, non-Western and non-mainstream forms of art, and comic gags and puns. This screening of Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists contextualizes Barbara Rossi’s work by profiling the dynamic scene in which her practice took shape.

Leslie Buchbinder, Director, began her career as a professional dancer with companies in Chicago and San Francisco and worked as an Account Executive for an arts-focused public relations firm in New York City, before establishing her own arts communications company in Chicago, LB-PR, which specialized in communications for art museums locally and internationally for over ten years. In 2011, Buchbinder was nominated to the Committee on Prints and Drawings of the Art Institute of Chicago. Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists is her first film.

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