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"Pia Camil: A Pot for a Latch" Exchange Day

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Public Programs

"Pia Camil: A Pot for a Latch" Exchange Day

December 17 2015

The public is invited to participate in an exchange event in conjunction with Pia Camil’s exhibition for the New Museum, “A Pot for a Latch.”

On this day, New Museum visitors are invited to swap their own unique items for those that are installed in the Lobby Gallery. The event will conclude once all one hundred items included in the installation have been exchanged. Important information regarding specifications for items eligible for exchange is detailed in the artist’s invitation below.

More information about the exhibition can be found here.

Artist’s invitation:
“A Pot for a Latch” is an invitation to exchange.
The object you bring is a talisman of sorts, and it should be thought of in the same way that the ancient Romans conceived of in their term “res,” which denotes a gift that has both a personal value and a history. Bring objects of power, of aesthetic interest, and of poignancy. The monetary value of these items is insignificant; their value lies instead in their richness of meaning and in the new life that they acquire on the grid within the Lobby Gallery.
Potential exchange items may include: clothes, curtains, blankets, artworks, photographs, paintings, frames, nondescript items of undetermined function, objects that resemble parts of the human body such as wigs or mannequins, costume jewelry and accessories, mirrors and reflective items, potted plants, colorful items and/or those with interesting shapes and forms, transparent materials such as shower curtains, lingerie, or X-rays, books, and trinkets.
Prohibited exchange items include but are not limited to: electronics, heavy items (over twenty pounds), small-scale objects (less than six inches in diameter), loose-leaf paper, tote bags, mass-produced garments, food or other perishables, weapons, and chemicals or other hazardous materials.
Objects accepted for exchange will not be returned to the submitting party.