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Arleen Schloss: an evening of Super 8 Film and Hi8 Video

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Arleen Schloss: an evening of Super 8 Film and Hi8 Video

October 18 2012 at 19:00

Arleen Schloss (b. 1943) has worked interchangeably in a variety of mediums since the 1970s, including performance art, sound poetry, new music, paintings, film, and video. Presented in spaces as varied as the Kitchen, the Museum of Modern Art, the ARSElectronica festival in Austria, and her own home, Schloss’s performances possess a spirit described by Linda Burnham as “a contagious sense of wonder.” These presentations, which could involve Schloss’s cyclical recitation of the alphabet, live painting, closed-circuit video, and music all at once, combine the anti-art whimsy of Fluxus, scientific exploration, Cageian indeterminacy, and a site-specific empathy that makes every act unique.

In conjunction with the exhibition “Come Closer: Art Around the Bowery, 1969–1989,” this program will feature film and video works created by Schloss in the early 1980s:

How She Sees It By Her (1981/1983, 18 min)

Glenn Branca – Symphony #4/Physics (1984, 14 min)

Windows of Chance/Change (1981)

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