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Versions: A New Reality Conference
Day 2 

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Public Programs

Versions: A New Reality Conference
Day 2 

February 26 2017

Versions workshops offered participants a chance to learn best practices from the pros, get hands-on practice and investigate the practical side of creating compelling experiences for VR/AR/MR. Led by industry-leading experts, participants explored a range of topics related to the funding, creation and distribution of VR/AR experiences, as well as hands-on technical tutorials on WebVR, 360 video and game engine environments, as well as more cutting-edge experiments like room-scale VR.

Introduction to Hololens
Adina Shanholtz

Creating Virtual Worlds for 2D Artists
David Lobser

Making Money in VR/AR
Adaora Udoji, Joe Radak

Distributing Your Work
Alejandro Dinsmore

Lightning in a Bottle: Hand-Drawn Animation in VR
Nick Fox-Gieg

Moving the Medium Forward: Brands, Creatives & Collaborations
Lisa Watts, James George, Yelena Rachitsky

Designing For Roomscale VR
Dario Laverde

Keeping VR Real: Cinematic & Live Action Volumetric Capture
Matthew Niederhauser, John Fitzgerald

Case Studies
Eliza McNitt, Fistful of Stars
David Lobser, Flock
Graham Sack, Lincoln in the Bardo
Nitzan Bartov (Hyphen Labs), Neurospeculative AfroFeminism
Yasmin Elayat (Scatter), Zero Days VR
Zach Kaplan, First Look VR