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Urban Interventions: A Conversation with John Hawke and Sancho Silva

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Urban Interventions: A Conversation with John Hawke and Sancho Silva

January 19 2008

Moderated by Elise Youn, Museum as Hub Fellow

John Hawke creates provisional images of urban spatial dynamics. His drawings and paintings have evolved from a site-based landscape painting practice into an effort to represent urban space as a collision of vectors of power. Sancho Silva’s installations recreate and reinterpret space, combining themes from architecture and cinema to question the relationships between interior and exterior, private and public space, active and passive actions, observing and being observed.

Their ongoing collaborative project, Orange Works, integrates both artists’ interests in the construction, perception, and representation of space, and brings them into the context of the urban built environment. Appropriating the vocabulary of construction sites - plywood, orange safety netting, rubber cones, and security tape - to build temporary, unauthorized constructions, Orange Works explores the possibilities of the urban intervention to stimulate collective interaction and to raise questions about our use of public space.

This talk is part of a series of informal dialogues addressing the topic of neighborhood, the inaugural theme of the Museum as Hub program