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A Proposition by Heague Yang: Towards Duras (Part I)
A Proposition by Heague Yang: Towards Duras (Part I)
A Proposition by Heague Yang: Towards Duras (Part I)
December 4 2009

This audio was recorded during the first part of the seminar A Proposition by Haegue Yang: Towards Duras.

Artist Haegue Yang had been studying the writings and life of Marguerite Duras for several years and is deeply moved by the complexity and incongruities of Duras’s life. In 2010, Yang published a Korean translation of The Malady of Death, which Duras authored as a book with the suggestion that it might be developed for theater or film. Yang is currently pursuing a staging of the work. For this Proposition, the artist opened with some ideas around the pursuit of staging The Malady of Death as well as her current thinking on Duras. On the following day, Yang shared a screening of Robert Wilson’s The Malady of Death followed by discussion.

Propositions is a public forum that explores ideas in development. Inspired by the scientific method of hypothesis, research, and synthesis, each two-day seminar explores a topic of current investigation in an invited speaker’s own artistic or intellectual practice. Over the course of a seminar session, these developing ideas are presented to the public, responded to, “researched,” and discussed to propel the ideas forward in unique ways.

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