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"Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon": Harry...


Trigger: Harry Dodge

Hi, I’m Harry Dodge, I am an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Los Angeles.

Pure shit hotdog cake was hard to make, the hardest part was finding a resin that had a long, what they call a gel time. A lot of these resins you pour them, you’re pouring and it’s either liquid or it’s hard. And I needed to find this kind of mid-zone that would last a longer time so that I could get bigger and bigger drips. And so I had to experiment a lot and I finally got this sort of chemical combination to work for me. And I just poured each layer separately. I had to die the resin to make each layer. And finally, you know, finally got these big disgusting drips to work, so I was happy about that. And I just started welding last year and so I’m really happy to be working with aluminum finally.

Usually in an art gallery, sort of conventionally speaking when you go to an art gallery you’re looking at stuff on the wall from left to right or right to left, it’s all usually at eye level. So for me when I’m stacking these pieces, it’s kind of talking back to that idea of duration. The questions is kind of like, what if everything happens at once. So I think that happens in pure shit hotdog cake, the big sculpture with the stack, but it also kind of happens in these big drawing stacks. I mean, yeah, it’s true, another line is formed and you’re just going up and down for sure, but there’s something about the left to right denying the ability for a viewer to go to the left or right. You have to go with everything at once. And I’m interested in that everything-at-once-ness.

There’s so many important things going on in the world and there’s so much that I care about and I think over the years I’ve really appreciated all forms of address whether they be grave or solemn or comedic. But I think often for me I am trying to communicate, it’s really important for me to communicate there’s a kind of sociality in the humor, a kind of friendliness up front that I kind of lay out. And hopefully I can pull you in with that, we can become friends or friendly in some way and then I’m able to talk to you about things that have a lot more weight than I might be able to otherwise.

"Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon": Harry Dodge
"Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon": Harry Dodge