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Donna Haraway’s Expanded Benefits Package, 2011
Donna Haraway’s Expanded Benefits Package, 2011 (September 16 2011)
September 16 2011

New York artist Matthew Lutz-Kinoy’s latest dance performance, Donna Haraway’s Expanded Benefits Package, is set in the compounded space of artist studio / gay bar / queer community center. Featuring music by SOPHIE, the event premieres a display of sculpture, large-scale painting, and a video projection entitled Ideals, Bars, Shoes, and Legs, setting the stage for a sensual physical space in which the artist and collaborator Chelsea Culp dance and recite collaged erotic texts from London and New York. The event highlights a shifting frame, which allows for chance readings of moving image, both painterly and physical. Donna Haraway’s Expanded Benefits Package remembers the New Museum’s neighboring historic center Judson Church by celebrating the tradition of translating daily activities into activist choreography.