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Until That Last Breath: Women with AIDS

Until That Last Breath: Women with AIDS

Until That Last Breath: Women with AIDS
February 24 – April 16 1989
Initiated by documentary photographer Ann Meredith, “Until That Last Breath: Women With AIDS” portrays the transitions, struggles, hopes, and fears experienced by women who have AIDS. This traveling exhibition features 53 of Meredith’s black-and-white photographs of women in the San Francisco area who have the disease. The photographs are accompanied by biographical information, quotes and a 30-minute videotape of five of these women created by Margo Dean, Lyn Gentry, Harsha Kahm, and Meredith.1

In order to expand the scope and impact of “Until That Last Breath” in the cities included on the exhibition itinerary, Meredith formed a network of women artists who established community-based projects involving women with AIDS. For the New York stop, Meredith contacted Janet Goldner who coordinated a project for women with AIDS at Beth Israel’s Infectious Disease Clinic to work with women artists; the workshop at Beth Israel was coordinated by Janet
Goldner with the assistance of artists Regina Corritore and
Elaine Lorenz. Participants included Kathryn Ritter, Nancy
Gorbea, a third woman who would like to be known only
as Linda, and a fourth who wishes to remain anonymous.
The video documenting the workshop was produced by
Stephanie Daniels.2

After its presentation at The New Museum, the exhibition traveled to San Jose, California; Los Angeles; Red Wood City, California; and Cambridge, Massachusetts.1
February 24 – April 16 1989

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