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January 9 – March 4 2001
Harvestworks is a non-profit organization founded to cultivate artists’ use of electronic technologies, ranging from electronic music and audio production to video and multimedia work. With an extensive artist-in-residence program, the organization functions as a laboratory where artists learn new technologies and are able to actualize projects integrating a number of media components., their current web address, presents art on one station, including works by Peter D'Agostino, Zoe Beloff, and Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, among others. Another computer will feature “Creative Contact,” an internet database of multidisciplinary artists who have completed residencies with Harvestworks, including Maureen Connor, John Pilson, and Andrea Polli. On a third computer will be Tennessee Rice Dixon’s work aCount, an interactive movie exploring memory that responds to sounds levels and movement of the mouse. 
January 9 – March 4 2001

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