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Terence Gower and Ana Elena Mallet discuss “Tlatelolco and the localized negotiation of future imaginaries”

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Terence Gower and Ana Elena Mallet discuss “Tlatelolco and the localized negotiation of future imaginaries”

March 6 2008

Artist Terence Gower and curator/writer Ana Elena Mallet discussed Museo Tamayo’s Museum as Hub presentation “Tlatelolco and the localized negotiation of future imaginaries.” Tlatelolco has been a significant cultural site since the Aztec period, closely identified in the twentieth century with modernist urban planning ambitions in Mexico and student demonstrations and killings at the time of the Olympics in 1968. A site rich in the complex layering of constructed histories that define contemporary Mexico, and a current active context for cultural production, Tlatelolco inspires consideration of the construction of future possibilities for Mexico as it looks to define its place within an increasingly globalized world.

Terence Gower works primarily with strategies of representation in modernist architecture, with a special focus on Mexican modernism. He has exhibited his installations and videos in museums, galleries, and public sites in Europe, Latin America, the U.S., and Canada. A monograph on his work, Ciudad Moderna, was recently published by A&R/Editorial Turner, Mexico City. Gower lives and works in New York and Mexico City.

Ana Elena Mallet is a self-described independent cultural agent, passing from one discipline to the other, hybridizing contemporary art and popular culture. Examples of her unique practice are the exhibitions Boutique, Museo Carrillo Gil, Mexico City, and ¡Mexico, Mexico! atMusée International des Arts Modestes, Sete, France. Mallet writes for several Mexican and international cultural magazines such as Luna Cornea, Artnexus (Colombia) and Número (Brasil). She was co-curator of Farsites: Urban Crisis, Domestic Symptoms in Contemporary Art as part of Insite 2006, San Diego/ Tijuana; Import Export: Change and Exchange, and Reinventing a Modern Mexico: Clara Porset´s Design, both at the Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico City.