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Jack Ferver: A Movie Star Needs a Movie Part 1

Public Programs

Jack Ferver: A Movie Star Needs a Movie Part 1

October 22 – 24 2009

Choreographed and Performed by Jack Ferver
Film and Photography by Jason Akira Somma

Breakout choreographer Jack Ferver returns after last year’s sold-out engagement at the New Museum to premiere a darkly satirical new work about the relationship between shallow ambition and fame. As dancers explore themes of self-exploitation and cavort for attention, spectators enable the spectacle and, through their attendance, validate the thesis. This work critically engages the tricky issue of culpability in a viewer’s gaze and the inescapable self-mythologies that emerge when calling oneself an artist (i.e., the performance of identity). Ferver approaches these concerns head-on and without shame, challenging you to watch and daring you to look away.