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All Made Up: Monique/Fauxnique and Narcissister

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All Made Up: Monique/Fauxnique and Narcissister

May 29 2009

San Francisco-based performance artist and female female-impersonator Monique/Fauxnique shares the stage with the New York-based enigma called Narcissister for an evening of extreme dress-up and gender-boundary combustion.

Tonight Monique Jenkinson (a.k.a. Fauxnique) debuts Faux Real, an entertaining behind-the-scenes look into the relationship between role-playing, feminist action, gender perception, and gender projection. Get ready for high-heel stunts, hero worship, makeup secrets, ballerina fantasies, and the fact that in live theater, sometimes people get kicked in the face. Meanwhile, Narcissister’s performance dismantles and repurposes representational codes in a series of neo-burlesque vignettes. In her deconstruction of popular media, Narcissister’s explicit moves reveal the manifold corporeal pleasures of female sexuality and suggest a gender that is equivocal, elusive, and bold. This event is Narcissister’s most extensive use of intermedia involving original videos, handmade props and costumes, and songs written collaboratively with her partner Exceed Eternal. Previous works such as I’m Everywoman will appear alongside new Narcissister material, including live performances and art videos. Permeating the spectacle will be a cast of actors in Narcissister drag, each in turn enlisting its audience in her spellbinding service.

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