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“Hear, Here” Gallery Sessions: Rainy Orteca: “Field Recordings”

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Public Programs

“Hear, Here” Gallery Sessions: Rainy Orteca: “Field Recordings”

May 10 2014

Rainy Orteca will make field recordings of the exhibition, finding the voice/character of some of the objects presented in “Hear, Here.” Recording, editing, looping, playing these respective “voices” back from their physical location, Orteca will generate diegetic and [SS1] non-diegetic sounds that riff on “public” versus “private.”

Rainy Orteca is an internationally known musician, sound designer, DJ, and composer based in New York. Currently, her concentration is expanding to accommodate a growing interest in interdisciplinary collaboration and process. She attended Smith College, the School of Visual Arts, and SUNY at Empire State. Her work has appeared in and been written about in Time Out (London), GQ Magazine, Times (London), Independent, GLEICH MAGAZIN, and What Can A body Do? (published by Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery). Recent work has been performed at Exit Art, Recess Art Gallery, and 25CPW in New York. As a performing musician, she has worked with notable artists, such as Sarah Silverman, Antony and the Johnsons, Lou Reed, Lloyd Cole, The Blow, Divinyls, Nina Persson, Maggie Cheung, Lesley Gore, Mascott, and Cat Power. In 2008, under the moniker Dead Air, she released an album on the UK label Reveal Records that features songs with “…scatter gun delivery, trash aesthetic and electro-analogue tension…” (Times, London).

“Hear, Here” Gallery Sessions is a series of public events that take place within the exhibition “Hear, Here” by Jeanine Oleson, presented in the Fifth Floor Gallery. The set and objects for an opera created by Oleson (to premiere in the New Museum Theater June 13–14) will be present during the run of the exhibition, forming an impromptu stage set and catalyst for this series. Each session is led by an invited guest or guests who react to the concepts and objects presented in the exhibition.