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Strange Attractions: An Evening of Chaotic Performance

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Public Programs

Strange Attractions: An Evening of Chaotic Performance

November 6 1989

This night of performance was an important component of the “Strange Attractors: Signs of Chaos” exhibition. Ron Vawter of the Wooster Group pefromed the prologue to The Road of Immortality, Part 3: Frank Dell’s The Temptation of St. Anthony; the trhee-man group Blue Man combined dripping fluorescent goo, music, and performance in a series of short works exmaing culure, cosumptin, and waste; Elliott Sharp, the much acclaimed musician and composer, premiered “Hammer, Anvil, Stirrup” with a string quartet; and Orshi Drozdik performed “Genius—Diseases of the Genius (Genius as Disease),” which examined the inherent obsolescence of scientific knowledge.