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Outside the Box Gallery Talks: Eva Franch on “Chris Burden: Extreme Measures”

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Outside the Box Gallery Talks: Eva Franch on “Chris Burden: Extreme Measures”

November 20 2013

In 2013, New Museum launched a new lecture series, Outside the Box, a roster of gallery-based talks given by a variety of guest speakers over the course of a season. In this new series, lecturers with diverse backgrounds and affinities address the New Museum’s current exhibition(s), kicking off with “Chris Burden: Extreme Measures,” in forty-five to sixty minute presentations taking place exclusively in the Museum’s galleries. As a way to emphasize the Museum’s strong commitment to new art and new ideas, Outside the Box talks are open to the public and are intended to provide participants with multidisciplinary perspectives on New Museum exhibitions. To this end, lecturers speak about the exhibitions or themes emergent in artists’ works from the various positions they occupy, be they academic, personal, political, etc., and engage in rich investigations that illuminate and probe the Museum’s current exhibition program.

Eva Franch is a licensed architect, researcher, curator, teacher, and founder of OOAA(office of architectural affairs). Prior to joining Storefront for Art and Architecture in 2010, Franch was an artist in residence at Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, and directed the Masters thesis studio at Rice University while practicing and building in Catalonia. She studied at Delft University of Technology and earned an MArch from the Barcelona School of Architecture and an MArch II from Princeton University. She has lectured internationally on art, architecture, and the importance of alternative practices in the construction and understanding of public life. At Storefront, her most recent projects include a new publication series, exhibitions such as “No Shame: Storefront for Sale” and “POP: Protocols, Obsessions, Positions,” the launching of the Storefront International Series, the launching of the World Wide Storefront, commissioning major design projects such as the Speechbuster, and developing projects like the Competition of Competitions. More recently, with the project Office US, presented by Storefront, Franch has been selected by the State Department, jointly with a curatorial and design team, to represent the US at the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale.