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R&D Season: BODY 

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Public Programs

R&D Season: BODY 


The Spring 2017 R&D Season: BODY considers the body politic, exploring the body’s relationship to the law, the environment, activism, performance, and criticism. Operating across various presentational and pedagogical formats, the season is anchored by a residency with A.K. Burns, who premieres “Shabby but Thriving,” an in-process, video-based installation that continues a cycle of works drawing on theater, science fiction, philosophy, and ecological anxieties. Other activities this season include the launch of Public Servants: Art and the Crisis of the Common Good, the most recent entry in the museum’s Critical Anthologies in Art and Culture publication series, and the inaugural New Museum Colloquium, “The Critical Matter of Performance,” which will use an immersive think tank format to explore the relationship of criticism to live art through multiple registers—across time, space, bodies, politics, and institutions.