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DIS Whet Talks: Rob Horning on the Acquisitive Gaze

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DIS Whet Talks: Rob Horning on the Acquisitive Gaze

April 25 2015

Social shopping sites like Pinterest promise users consumerism without consumption, transferring the utility of goods to the mood that their images evoke. In this talk—part of a series of talks and performances that will take place at The Island (Ken) (2015), an installation by the artist collective DIS—writer Rob Horning will explore how the “the same gestures of appropriation also render those moods more volatile when they are put into play on the ever shifting terrain of the social graph. Signifying the self through such gestures comes to seem more imperative and more futile.”
Created in collaboration with Dornbracht and co-designed by Mike Meiré

Production support provided by the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

This project is made possible through the support of Jeffrey Deitch, Project Native Informant, Jane Wattenberg, and Tamares Real Estate Holdings Inc. in collaboration with Zabludowicz Collection

Programming and performances supported by Red Bull Studios

Fashion donated by COS