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DIS Whet Talks: McKenzie Wark on “Renotopia”

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DIS Whet Talks: McKenzie Wark on “Renotopia”

May 9 2015

In this talk, writer McKenzie Wark will explore “how a new kitchen or bathroom became the outer limits of imagining the good life.” He observes: “Once upon a time, people aspired to build, if not brave new worlds, then at least pretty cock-sure ones. The scale at which things could be remade included whole societies, if not planets. But somewhere toward the end of the last century, such confidence was lost. Not even art has such ambitions. Design at least promises that private worlds can be brought up to speed, with some new appliances and finishes. Welcome to renotopia, where home renovation replaces the making of new worlds. The problem is that the shared world beyond our private renotopias might not support such simple dreams much longer.”

Created in collaboration with Dornbracht and co-designed by Mike Meiré

Production support provided by the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

This project is made possible through the support of Jeffrey Deitch, Project Native Informant, Jane Wattenberg, and Tamares Real Estate Holdings Inc. in collaboration with Zabludowicz Collection

Programming and performances supported by Red Bull Studios

Fashion donated by COS