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Museums and Exhibitions of Contemporary Art

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Public Programs

Museums and Exhibitions of Contemporary Art

May 16 1979

Museums and Exhibitions of Contemporary Art was organized as part of the Perspectives: A New York Art Community Dialog series. This series of five symposia explored aesthetic, social, political, and economic aspects of the art community between the 1950s and  the 1970s. Each of the consecutive Wednesday evenings was devoted to a single facet of the New York art world, and was attended by a diverse “standing room only” crowd of more than 250 people.

This installment’s topic was “Museums and Exhibitions of Contemporary Art."  Participating panelists included: John I.H. Bauer, Former Director, Whitney Museum of American Art; Linda L. Cathcart, Curator, Albright-Knox Art Gallery; Linda Shearer, Assistant Curator, Guggenheim Museum; Marcia Tucker, Director, New Museum; and Palmer Wald, Administrator, Whitney Museum of American Art.