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Reno Roast: Tribute to Reno

Public Programs

Reno Roast: Tribute to Reno

February 15 1994

Reno Roast was a one-night-only tribute to performance artist Reno, featuring “her psychiatrist, friends, and enemies.”1

Participants included: Paul Zaloom, James Adlesic, Terry Berkowitz, Ted Haimes, Bob Holman, Heidi Holzer, Joel Paley, Lola Pashalinski, Alva Rogers, Wendy Ultan, Mark Russell, and Reno herself.   

Reno Roast was presented in conjunction with the New Museum’s “Bad Girls” exhibition.  Structured around the idea that humor, ranging from the sardonic to the slapstick, can be a cogent and subversive strategy in challenging many of the conventional, predictable attitudes toward feminist and gender issues, “Bad Girls” aimed for serious fun.  In its mission to explode the social inequities of class, race, and gender, “Bad Girls”‘ outrageous works focused on painting, sculpture, film, video, installation, and public performance.2